Charlie Canvas Loafer Red Multi

Charlie Canvas Loafer Red Multi

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These colourful canvas loafers will add a wonderful pop of colour to your little ones outfit.

  • Cushioned heel collars
  • flexible, tractioned rubber soles.
  • Dual velcro closures ensure an adjustable and secure fit
  • natural textile linings help keep little pinkies cool and dry.
  • fashionable and sturdy canvas upper

 Sizing Guide

Measure your child's foot and add 1cm to this measurement. (It's best to measure both feet as one foot is usually bigger than the other).

This will be the insole size that you will need to choose.

i.e. Foot measurement + 1 cm = Insole measurement

eg. If their foot measurement is 14cm, then choose the shoe with the insole measurement closest to 15cm. In this style that would be a size 7