Whats the Difference between Baby Shoes and Toddler Shoes

Whats the Difference between Baby Shoes and Toddler Shoes

In this post, we are going to discuss in detail the difference between baby shoes and toddler shoes. 

We will look at their features and the reasons they are designed the way they are.

What is the difference between baby shoes and toddler shoes?

Baby shoes and toddler shoes both come in various sizes, shapes and colours. They also serve similar purposes. But they are very different from each other.

Baby shoes and toddler shoes are both important because they provide protection against foot injuries. Infants should wear them until they reach 13 months old, whereas toddlers should continue wearing them until 2 years old.

Baby Shoes

What are baby shoes?

Baby shoes are the first shoes babies wear. They usually have soft soles for comfort and easy cleaning. Shoes for newborns come in different colours, patterns, and sizes depending on the age of the child.

Although they may look cute, baby shoes should be treated with care. Newborns' feet grow rapidly, which means they need to go through several pairs of shoes during the first year.

Baby shoes should be worn until the child reaches 2 years old. Once the child begins walking, they should transition into toddler shoes.

Design features of baby shoes

The main design features of baby shoes include soft soles for comfort, safety straps for added security, and breathable uppers for dryness. 

Popular styles of baby shoes

Popular types of baby shoes include slippers and booties. Slippers are often made from soft leather and feature elastic at the top for easy slipping on. Booties cover the feet completely and usually come in bright colours. 

Toddler Shoes

What are toddler shoes?

Toddler shoes are designed for toddlers between 9 months and 2 years old. 

Most parents purchase these types of shoes for their children because they provide protection from sharp objects and rough surfaces.

Design features of toddler shoes

The main design features of toddler shoes include the use of soft materials such as leather or suede and colourful designs. Toddler shoes come in various sizes and styles, and they may be made for boys or girls. They also come in different colours and patterns, which makes them suitable for any occasion.

Popular styles of toddler shoes

They come in different sizes and styles, such as boots, sandals, sneakers, slippers, and moccasins.

How to choose the best baby and toddler shoes

The first step to choosing the best toddler shoes for children is to determine what size they need.

This way, you know the length of the shoe and how wide it should be.

Next, measure the foot from heel to toe. Also check out the width of the shoe, as wider shoes tend to fit better.

Lastly, consider whether the shoe has straps or buckles. Straps allow for easy adjustment, while buckles require more dexterity.

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